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About Me

Felicia smiling with her arms behind her back while wearing a black t-shirt featuring characters from The Lara-Su Chronicles. Her skin is pale, her hair and eyes are brown, and her lips are a beige red.

Hi! I’m Felicia Rondo (she/her) and this is my website! I’m a white autistic transgender writer, mainly specializing in romance, who’s been writing stories for about a decade! I’ve published my work on FanFiction.net, DeviantArt, and Archive of Our Own in that time - however, in light of Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, I’ve become more conscious of how reliant upon third-parties I’ve been in putting myself out there on the internet.

In the spirit of breaking away from that, I’ve made this site to host my writing and to provide a convenient hub where people can find all my different online antics. The archive of stories this website hosts is curated so, while it will have most of my stories, not everything I’ve ever written on the internet will go on here - whether that’s my tweets or stories I wrote in the past that I’ve since decided I no longer stand by.

I also stream on Twitch with my beloved Cluster on the channel BitSillyPlays! We try to stream on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and we primarily review whatever comics we’re reading at any given time as part of our Bit Silly Book Club. You can check out our channel at twitch.tv/bitsillyplays or visit the Stream VODs page on the sidebar to watch past broadcasts!

If you want to support me, you can donate to my tip jar on Ko-fi! For professional inquiries, you can email me at feliciarondo@feliciarondo.com. If you’re wondering where else you can find me, the links below should help!

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