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Sonic Says I’m Gay

Art - Published: December 30, 2021
A drawing of Sonic declaring that he’s gay. Click through to its dedicated webpage for a more detailed description.

Sonic the Hedgehog © SEGA

The Most Important Gift

Fan-Fiction - Published: December 24, 2021

It’s Christmas Eve and Sonic’s gotten everything but the most important gift of all - a gift for his little brother Tails! What he learns this holiday season is that sometimes the best gifts can’t be wrapped and hidden under a tree, but that doesn’t make them any less worth giving to the ones you love most. Happy holidays! Read!

To You, Kal-El

Fan-Fiction - Published: June 25, 2021

Alone in the Fortress of Solitude, Clark Kent from Kansas thinks about Kal-El from Krypton. Read!

Better Without You - Chapter 2: Show’s Over

Fan-Fiction - Published: June 5, 2021

It’s the very next day and, after a brief respite, it’s back to an encore of last night’s fight for Mina. She had performed for crowds of thousands, giving it her all every night, but on that day Mina discovers what it truly feels like when ‘the show’ cannot afford to go on any longer. Read!

Review: The Lara Su Limited Edition Print

Videos - Published: May 24, 2021
YouTube thumbnail of Lara-Su from The Lara-Su Chronicles standing side-by-side with her counterpart from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, hands on her hips. In the foreground, bold text reads “Review” in pink and “Limited Edition Lara-Su Print“ in yellow.

Hope y’all enjoy my little video I made here for this brand new print of Lara-Su! It’s sincerely impressed me, and it only makes me more excited to see what’s next for Lara-Su!

You can order your own print here!

Better Without You - Chapter 1: Writing’s on the Wall

Fan-Fiction - Published: April 2, 2021

Popstars can seem indestructible up on stage, on the very top of the world they’re rocking with their moves and melodies, but the truth can sometimes hurt more than even the saddest song. In this story, Mina faces that painful truth when it becomes clear that she and Ash are past their third verse without an encore.

Breakups may be tough, but our songoose is tougher. Read!

The Way it Went

Fan-Fiction - Published: March 10, 2021

How does someone end up working for their evil uncle bent on world domination? One nephew tries to explain how and why. Read!

What A Fucking Bitch

Fan-Fiction - Written by Felicia Rondo & Cluster, Rated: 18+, Published: January 19, 2021

Rouge suggests that Julie-Su spice up her sex life and proceeds to go entirely too far in flustering the grown woman. It’s all in good fun, though, right…? :3c

Alternate Title for the Story: What happens when my fiancée starts a word document with “‘I love cocks!’ Julie-Su declared” and doesn’t delete it in time. xP Read!