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Writing Commissions

Commissioners may contact me with their idea, and I’ll see if I can work with it. If I can, I’ll draft up an outline and send it to the client for their approval. If the client has any notes or wants any changes to be made to the overall story, they should bring it up at this step.

After the outline is approved, I will begin work on the story once I have received payment for the word count range the client has chosen for the story to have. Word count ranges I’m offering, and the prices I’m offering them at, are as follows:

500-3,000 words - $25

5,000-7,500 words - $50

If the final word count exceeds what the client paid for, don’t worry, I won’t be charging extra. :)

I retain full right of refusal and am under no obligation to explain my refusal to take any commission. Any people or persons commissioning writing from me must agree to understand that the finished work may not be timely.

Once completed, it is up to the client whether it is posted on my website & AO3 and whether or not they want the commission to be anonymous. If the story is unable to be completed, the client will receive a full refund.

Email: feliciarondo@feliciarondo.com