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Revealing - Chapter 2

Written by Felicia Rondo, Edited by Cluster, Rated 18+

Summary: With movie time over, Whisper finally tells Tangle what’s been on her mind… then, at Tangle’s place, she shows her what she means.

Commission for noted Whangle Warrior qqHoneydew, Follow-up to Living on the Sidelines.

Contains: Pampering, Explicit Sexual Content, Fingering, Nipple Play, Tangle’s Messy Home, and Tangle’s Poofy Fluff!

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Credits rolled, proudly presenting the names of everyone who helped bring the film to each member of the audience. Whisper wiped a tear off her cheek, echoes of the quiet sobs the film had given her ringing softly in her ears. She felt Tangle’s thumb stroke the back of her hand, reminding her who helped soothe her throughout the film’s runtime.

She looked back at her girlfriend, whose eyes darted back up to meet hers from whatever was preoccupying them, and squeezed her hand. Her face, lit gently by the light of the theater’s screen, kept finding a way to somehow look cuter every time she looked at it.

They stood up shortly after, leaving their seats along with dozens of others and slowly departing from the audience they had been a part of for the past couple of hours. All her surroundings seemed to take on a new light after watching the film, Whisper felt, but none of it could distract from the one who had made it all so special…

“That was really good…” Whisper commented as they exited, ending the comfortable silence that had carried them out of the theater.

“Yeah! Sure was!” agreed Tangle.

“I liked how they were always able to get through whatever happened, no matter how exciting things got…” Whisper added.

“Yup! Couldn’t take my eyes off it!” Tangle grinned convincingly, or as convincingly as she could muster, “The movie, I mean!” she specified, though letting the previous sentence stand on its own probably would’ve been better.

Gazing out at their surroundings, the events of the film played out on repeat in Whisper’s imagination. Love overcoming barriers, curing the most stunning spells of uncertainty, needing only to be believed in.

At the end of each thought she had of that beautiful story, there was Tangle - the reason she watched the film, the reason she didn’t spend this evening and every evening afterward alone. What could someone, who inspired such beautiful feelings in her heart, be thinking of right now?

“What was your favorite part of the movie?” asked Whisper.

“Oh! Me? Haha, hah, well there’s only one part of the movie that could be!” Tangle stalled, straining her mind to recall a moment she spent during the film’s runtime where she wasn’t just looking at Whisper, “Obviously, hehe, my favorite part of the movie that we just watched—that we both watched, the whole time…

“Had to be… the part where… where the… the girls! The girls were there! And… they were gonna uh… die… but they didn’t! Because they loved each other!” Tangle said, a recap for the ages to be sure.

“Ah…” Whisper sighed, every word that came out of Tangle’s lips sounding so sweet and beautiful, “That was my favorite part of the movie too,” she agreed, with a smile, giving Tangle a rush of relief that anything she said resembled any part of the film.

But a good time at the movies wasn’t what Whisper was really after, that evening. If anything, the most important thing watching that love letter to romance could do was give her the resolve to do what needed to be done. To walk away from it only to retreat into herself once again would be an insult - to the film, and to her heart.

After one more moment of silence passed by, Whisper admitted,

“The… movie isn’t what I really want to talk about… There’s something else I need to mention… Something important…”

“Oh yeah?” Tangle replied not a half-second later, eager to take the lifeline she’d just been thrown, “Tell me what you really wanna talk about! We already saw the movie, we both know everything that happened in it, who cares about the specifics when there’s more important stuff we need to get to!”

With a nod, Whisper gently shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Tangle felt a little silly, as it dawned on her the gravity of whatever she was about to be told, but there was little to do about it at that point but stop and listen. After so many moments that passed Whisper by, it felt like she had finally arrived at one that would wait for her.

“I haven’t been… communicating… like I want to be, with you…” admitted Whisper, wrenching the words from the corners of her heart that saw the least light, against the fear.

“Aww, you’ve been communicating just fine!” Tangle reassured her, laughing, “I mean, the important thing is I know you love…” her words trailed off, as the feeling that now was the time to listen came over Tangle.

“There are so many important things you make me feel… so many beautiful feelings I never got to have before I met you… but… you can’t hear them unless I start speaking them out loud to you,” the wolf told her love, as the thoughts that had stayed inside for so long finally left the tip of her tongue.

Then, Whisper locked eyes with Tangle. Staring into those eyes that always contained within them the unconditional love that had healed her so much, she focused all her will into showing in her eyes what she wanted Tangle to see. What she’d kept hidden for so long, in her complacency.

“Let’s… go home,” Whisper said, taking Tangle’s hands in hers and giving them a meaningful squeeze, “to your place… I’ll…” biting her lip, she finished, “I’ll show you what I mean, when we get there…”

Now Tangle was beginning to get it.

“O-okay,” the lemur giggled, her face turning red as a goofy smile grew on her like a song, “sounds good to me!” With their hands already clasped together, she began to lead Whisper back to the place she called home. While she was anxious to know what her partner had in store for her, it was nothing compared to the jitters Whisper was getting.

But though her legs felt more like jelly than anything fit to take the leap that was ahead of her, there was somewhat of a solace in knowing there was no turning back now. No moment of weakness could rob her of what would come next, no matter how the night was going to turn out, and no words could conceal what had now been revealed.

Upon arriving, they were met with the familiar sight of what a mess Tangle’s place always was. This was its natural state, when Jewel wasn’t making her clean it up every other month the beetle wasn’t buried in work, and if Whisper was being honest—which was the point of what they were doing, of course—she wouldn’t change a thing about it.

When she looked at the room they were in, floor-to-ceiling, all she could see was Tangle. Of all the places she had ever been, not even Restoration HQ could make her feel as safe and comfortable as Tangle’s place did. Empty pizza boxes and all.

Clothes were stripped out of, various things that one needed on their person when they left home were left where they could be found simply enough when next they were required, and the both of them seemed to float to the bedroom before long. Nothing else needed tending to, and nothing else could take priority at that hour but each other.

As she so often did before, Tangle turned to Whisper to find her looking as beautiful as when she first laid eyes on her - no, even more beautiful. But, when she began to lean in for a kiss, Whisper grabbed her by her cheeks and gently pulled her into a kiss of her own. Though the feelings behind it were no new development, the forwardness of the gesture couldn’t help but surprise the lemur.

“Whoa!” Tangle gasped when their lips separated, her fluff poofing out again, “Hehe, usually I’m the one doing that part!” she giggled, blushing and not minding the turn the night was taking at all.

“Mm…” Whisper hummed, her right hand lingering on Tangle’s left cheek, her heart seeming to pound harder the closer the walls came to coming down, “I wanna… try taking the lead, tonight… if you don’t mind.”

Even after the pep talk from Rouge, the strongest declaration of desire she could muster still came out sounding more like a question. A request, for something she had been keeping from herself for so long, that could be rejected… but it wouldn’t be, she knew.

That was one of the perks of already having found the perfect girl - even if she didn’t have the strength to go the rest of the way, she could count on Tangle to give her what she needed. Even, ironically, when what she needed was to give something to Tangle.

“Ooh! Okay!” Tangle replied, “Sounds good to me!” She sat on the edge of the bed excited, before the novelty of the situation started to hit her. So used to her usual role, the lemur wasn’t really sure what to do with herself in this position.

The hand that found her left breast seemed to have an idea, however - caressing it and causing the girl’s head to tingle. Tangle curled her toes as the wolf’s thumb circled her areola, sinking her own fingers into the bunched up sheets of her unmade bed as Whisper’s other hand stroked her chest fluff. If that wasn’t enough, the breathy moan Whisper let out as her lips brushed against Tangle’s nipple met her mind like a campfire meets a marshmallow.

It was different from anything Tangle had felt before, unique from even the experimentation she had done on her own. Touching and exploring her own body was one thing, but feeling her love’s hands finding those places and showering them in attention was another. Sounds were coming out of Tangle’s mouth that Whisper had never heard.

“Tangle…” Whisper breathed, as the tip of her thumb glided on and caressed the lemur’s breast, “is this good for you?” she asked, earning a shaky nod that signaled her to continue by all means - and continue she did, bringing her index finger and thumb together with Tangle’s nipple in between, taking the momentary courage that swelled in her chest and using it to give that nipple the gentlest twist.

“And this…?” the wolf inquired, at a volume that would be inaudible if the room wasn’t silent, the tender moans that lazily floated in the air doing little to distract Tangle from the sensual sound of her girlfriend’s voice.

“Yes… yes…!” Tangle responded, her nervousness gradually being replaced with enthusiasm as the thrill of the ride hit her, “it’s good, Whisper, it’s so good…! Fuck~!” she bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut as she lost herself in it.

To say the experience was surreal for Whisper would do little to express the wonder it had brought with it. After spending so long being so passive with Tangle, she was taking action and instantly seeing the positive effect it had on the girl. There was little to worry or second-guess herself about, when she could see her girlfriend’s face twisting in the bliss she was giving her.

Though she hadn’t seen it for long, Whisper already knew she loved the overwhelmed look that was on Tangle’s face, so she flicked her warm tongue on the lemur’s sensitive nipples just to make sure it stayed on her. The way she shifted and jerked around underneath her, she knew it was the right move.

Once more, the wolf laid a loving hand on Tangle’s chest fluff. Slowly, longingly, she glided that hand down to her kissable belly… then down further to something even more kissable. Her vagina was damp as she felt it, her appetite for the sensations Whisper was giving her thoroughly whetted, which she was all too happy to encourage.

She pressed her thumb against her clit and patiently began to push her middle finger inside Tangle’s vagina, smiling as she bucked her hips in pure electric excitement. One more look at Tangle’s face, eyes shut as she bit her bottom lip, there was no more helping it - the distance between their lips had gone from unnoticeable to unbearable, so she moved up on the lemur and returned her lips where they belonged on hers.

With a giggle of elation, Tangle swung her arms over Whisper’s shoulders and kissed her with all her heart. The wolf’s love was showing through to her like never before. Both on her lips, and on every inch of her slim body that the wolf could get her hands on to caress. What Whisper hadn’t expected, as she tried desperately to convey more of her love than ever before, was how much more love for Tangle would blossom in her heart just then.

Every sound she made, every moan and gasp that fell from Tangle’s trembling lips, only proved there was no end to the things Whisper loved about her.

Like she had done it a thousand times before, Whisper grinded her cunt along Tangle’s thigh as they kissed over and over. She pushed her index finger into the lemur’s pussy to join the middle that she thrusted inside, finding it was slick enough that there was hardly any resistance. Looking into her teary eyes, it seemed the pleasure was nearly too much even for Tangle…

But sharing it together, so closely and tenderly, made it possible. The bliss would go nowhere if they needed a break, but they didn’t need one - what could so easily have been too much, a turbulent affair, was instead an irresistible supernova of pleasure that kept pulling the two of them deeper and deeper into itself.

One more kiss was all it took. Like dynamite, the touch of each other’s lips lit the fuse of a climax the likes of which neither one of them had felt before. Their frantic movements slowed to a stop, the way their bodies shook in the aftermath of it was their only other motion as they panted for several moments after.

It was so close to being too much… but it wasn’t. Though their love was intense, it was not violent. Though it had put a strain on their bodies, it did not discomfort them.

After their passion had sent them soaring to heights they had never known, it was like they left the world’s atmosphere - floating above it all in the romantic cosmos of love, with an out-of-this-world sight staring back at them, and a gentle descent back down waiting for them after…

“That was really good!” Tangle suddenly spoke just as the silence was beginning to settle in the room, shattering it like an antique vase. Another lover might have been annoyed, but Whisper could only smile.

“I’m glad you liked it… so glad…” Whisper sighed, lying on her side and facing the love of her life. Tangle had this beautiful half-lidded look as she lay beside her, and another loving thought came to Whisper’s mind. She had done so well at sharing with Tangle what had been so tightly locked in her heart that night, she surely would’ve been forgiven if she kept this last one to herself… but instead, she said,

“You’re pretty…”

Tangle’s eyes then fluttered wide open. Blinking so many times, she opened her mouth to respond but no words came out. As silly as it felt, all she could seem to do was smile and blush at that comment.

Knowingly, Whisper placed a hand on Tangle’s flushed cheek. She softly brushed her thumb over it, seeing in her a sight so familiar she could almost giggle. Not something she’d seen on Tangle before, but that she knew like the back of her hand.

“It’s okay…” she smiled at the flustered lemur, “I know… sometimes it’s hard to get the words out…”

No more needed to be said after that. No more words were left to utter, no more feelings to express. Though it had threatened to become something of an enemy to Whisper, silence was an old ally of hers - and that’s what it was once again, that night, as all had been thoroughly and satisfyingly revealed.

The End

Originally-published on September 20, 2023

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