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A Delicate Situation

Written by Felicia Rondo & Cluster, Edited by Cluster, Rated 18+, Published: 1/25/2024

Summary: After the events of Archie Sonic issue #151, Sonic is in the awkward position of having to explain to Bunnie that he wasn’t the one she kissed that night - but do they have to keep it that way, or is there another way this could end?

Contains: Hurt/Comfort, Porn with Feelings, Porn with Plot, Explicit Sexual Content, and Friends to Lovers.

Bunnie is only roboticized to the extent she is in the SatAM cartoon, for the purposes of this fan-fic. Also, everyone’s 20 or older in this story because it’s erotica and it’s supposed to be hot.

There was no getting around it, Sonic was in a… delicate situation.

After returning from Angel Island, he found that things were quite a bit different from how he’d so suddenly ‘left’ it - Amy was acting very familiar with him, Mina was more awkward around him than usual, meanwhile Fiona was giving him the cold shoulder… and then there was Bunnie.

Here Sonic stood, outside the hut of Bunnie Rabbot after a long day of training and planning with the Freedom Fighters for their next attack on Dr. Robotnik, wondering just how he was going to break it to her. “Hey, Bunnie, it turns out that was actually my evil twin earlier” didn’t seem like anything Bunnie would particularly want to hear, but the situation would only worsen if he didn’t address it sooner rather than later.

Without any further ado, under the dim light of a somber moon, the hedgehog lifted his fist and knocked it gently against the door to Bunnie’s hut.

“It’s for her own good,” Sonic repeated to himself internally, bracing himself for the rabbot’s reaction to the news, “even if it’s a mondo bummer, it’s better to get it over with now.”

“I’m comin’, I’m comin’~” Bunnie responded, with some rustling noises coming from inside the hut. Sonic lightly tapped his foot on the welcome mat, almost wishing he were anywhere else in that moment while knowing full well it was exactly where he needed to be. The sound of metal footsteps coming from inside steadily approached, becoming louder by the moment before finally stopping.

Shortly after, the door swung open, revealing freedom fighter to freedom fighter.

“Sugarhog!” Bunnie exclaimed, “What brings a fine strappin’ hunk of a man like you here?” Those big, beautiful eyes of hers were looking into his in a way only Antoine had seen from up close before, and Sonic was not sure how to cope with it.

“H-hey, Bunnie,” Sonic replied, with a shaky smile uncharacteristic of the usually-bold hero, “I just came by because of what you said earlier, the other day, about uh… making up for staying out late?”

“I was hopin’ you’d say that~!” Bunnie smiled, eyes lighting up as she took his hands in hers, “who do you think you are, keepin’ a gal waitin’ like you’ve been doin’?” A part of him he was still only beginning to notice badly wished she could’ve been looking at him like that because of something he did.

“Bunnie,” he removed his hands from hers, a feat he could swear he’d accomplished previously without it feeling like he were losing a limb, “a-about that. It’s why I’m here.

“Could ya take a seat? We should be sitting down for this,” Sonic suggested, trying his very best not to lose his head in the moment, knowing he had no right to take advantage.

“Ah,” was all that came out of those gorgeous lips of hers, her ears drooping down and those eyes losing that amazing shine they had to them just moments before he opened his big mouth. For her own good, he told himself.

“It’s, it’s not yo—no, no, that sounds all wrong!” Sonic cut himself off, feeling like he was falling off the tree of this situation and hitting every branch on the way down, “it wasn’t me, I mean! Or it was, but… gah, darn multiverse…!”

Now, at the very least, Bunnie was too confused to be as heartbroken as she was moments ago. The air wasn’t getting any less awkward, so she let him in and took a seat beside him.

“You remember the evil me and his Reverse Freedom Fighters, right?” he started, eliciting a nod from Bunnie, only for her face to fall even further as she put two and two together, “I just barely made it back from their universe when I got here, and… yeah, uh…”

“I guess it was too much to hope that I got a second lucky break, huh…” Bunnie sighed, her eyes fixed on the floor.

Whoa, hold up, what do ya mean by that, Bunnie?” Sonic reacted, not being able to believe what he was hearing. It’s not that he thought she’d take it well, but what was all this about lucky breaks?

“I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I ain’t exactly the belle of everybody’s ball, you know,” for emphasis she held up her robotic arm and sighed, “most folks accept me just fine and all, but if we’re honest that’s just ‘cause I’m close with Sally and the rest of y’all.

“For a lot of folks I’m not much nicer to look at than a swatbot, and I can tell even when they’re polite enough not to say nothing,” she laughed humorlessly with a strained smile, “honestly I figured Antoine was the only one willing to look past it all enough to want anything ‘side from friendship with me, at least ‘til you… but I guess it wasn’t you anyway…”

Sonic wanted to tell her she was wrong about everything, all of it, but he could tell she was speaking from very bitter experience. And yet again, here Sonic was - faced with someone he loves, and having to disappoint them by saying he just wasn’t who they were hoping he would be.

… But that couldn’t be right, at least not this time. Evil Sonic may’ve been taking advantage of her, but Bunnie went with it because she believed it was him, and it wasn’t like the real McCoy was off the market any longer…

“Bunnie,” Sonic suddenly took Bunnie’s hands in his once more, knowing from the way his heart lifted as soon as they touched that this had to be right, “you are one of the most past cool—no, way past cool gals I’ve ever met, and anyone with half a lick of sense would give all of Mobius for even a chance to find themselves in those gorgeous eyes of yours - and I mean it!”

There was a fire in his eyes as he spoke to her, ripping her gaze from the floor and back into his own, squeezing her hands in his with a need to prove it to her.

“S-sugarhog…” Bunnie started, trying to keep her head where it belonged on her shoulders, “ya don’t have to do nothin’ if you’re feelin’ sorry for me…”

“That’s got nothin’ to do with it, Bunnie,” Sonic quickly asserted, inching closer to her until their noses touched, “I’ll give it to you straight, Bunnie - if I’m good enough for you, I’ve got all night and nowhere better to be than here, or there,” he added, looking over at her bed.

It was a lot. The sensible part of him would’ve reminded him how long he’d known Bunnie, and the repercussions of what he was suggesting he was willing to do, if there was a sensible part of him.

But that’s how he was. He knew if it wasn’t right he’d be zipping out the door faster than you can say ‘free chilidogs,’ so it was all up to Bunnie what happened next.

“… Ohh sugarhog, I don’t know,” she replied, trying to hide the smile that kept sneaking on her face, “me and Evil Sonic didn’t even get that far - we just cuddled under a tree and took a nap!”

“‘Figures, if he got any further than that we wouldn’t have heard the end of it,” Sonic nodded, “if you don’t wanna go there, I get it, but I’m here for you either way!”

Bunnie looked into Sonic’s big green eyes and thought about it. Her eyes fell on his lips, briefly making her wonder how different they would feel on hers than his doppelgänger’s did…

“N-now, don’t go gettin’ the wrong idea, sugarhog,” she started to say, as an invisible force seemed to nudge her closer and closer to her old friend, “I… I didn’t say I didn’t wanna go there…” The air between them only got hotter, as their breath fell on each other’s faces and their respective gazes dove deep into one another’s eyes.

Then, before either one of them realized it, their lips touched. There was no backing out, no taking anything back at that point, and the relief that washed over them in that finality was palpable. Eyes shut, and that once-lazy liplock was renewed into a kiss the both of them had been sorely needing.

Sure, they both always had their friends. Neither one of them went unappreciated, per se, but to be truly wanted by someone they cared about as much as they cared for each other? For that, they were starved.

“M-mm, Bunnie…!” Sonic moaned, tossing his gloves away as he took the initiative to lean in closer, allowing Bunnie to lie on the bed while he planted kiss after kiss on that wrongly-neglected beautiful neck of hers. His hands traveled up and down her sides while his kisses trailed from her neck to her collar, her chest to her belly, to…

“S-sugarhog!” Bunnie squeaked in delight, arching her back as Sonic put his tongue to work on her clit. Her breathing quickened, her left hand clutched at her sheets while her right found the back of Sonic’s head and made damn sure it stayed where it was.

But it couldn’t. Not for too long, she realized, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the feeling of getting absolutely spoiled rotten by the hunkiest man to darken her door in a good long while.

Those big green eyes stared into hers, holding her gaze passionately in his, while keeping his hands busy - wetting his fingers on his tongue and thrusting them into her soaked pussy. She hadn’t been having fun like this since Antoine discarded her, and the feeling of her heart opening back up almost scared her… but the excitement it brought with it pushed the anxiety down.

She slowly offered her left hand down to him, which he eagerly took and held. He could only brush his thumb over her knuckles once before she yanked him back up on top of her. His cock bumped against her cunt, and she could feel it grow harder and thicker upon touching her. Uncertainty crept its way back into the bed, a sense that they had arrived at another hard line fell over them.

Consequences could follow if they crossed that line, how they would forever be leaving what was between them with no idea of what they’d ultimately be to each other after. Life had done a number on them both, to say the least, but… the fear of making a mistake paled in comparison to the fear of regret, and to let each other go unloved that night was unthinkable.

“I need this,” Bunnie whispered as their noses touched, breaking the spell of stillness they were under to stroke her lover’s quills.

“I need you,” Sonic whispered back, in a voice full of yearning, guiding his member into her entrance with a trembling hand. With each inch he tenderly penetrated her, a snapshot flashed in his mind of all he’d been through with her.

All the friendship they built with one another over the years seemed to so naturally punctuate their love. His hands found her hips, gripped them firmly, and pulled them toward him until they touched his.

Shivering softly, Sonic’s eyes found Bunnie’s beautiful lips once more - slightly-parted as she let out a breathy moan. Leaning in closer, he could feel her warm breath gently hit his face as their lips met again. Then, he began to thrust inside her.

He started slow, due in part to the fact he hadn’t really done this in a while. He liked to take his time at first, to test the waters and see what tempo his partner was good for, and Sally never seemed to mind it when they were together.

“Mm…” his lips twisted ever so slightly into a frown as he recalled his ex, but he did his best to stuff it down so as not to take away from the moment. In hindsight, he really should’ve known better.

“What’s the matter, sugarhog?” asked Bunnie, in a voice so soft and sweet he could already feel the weight in his chest begin to lift at least a little, placing her hand tenderly on his cheek.

“Aww, it’s nothin’…” Sonic brushed off, averting his gaze downward from her suspicious eyes and rubbing his thumbs into Bunnie’s hips in just such a way that felt divine but did not mean she was gonna let him change the subject.

Lovingly, she tilted his chin back up and met those sad eyes he was trying to hide.

“That ain’t what nothin’ looks like, sugar…” Bunnie replied, concern in her gaze.

“… I’m scared I’m gonna mess you up, when I wanna show you how amazing you are, just like I messed up with Sa—” he started, before Bunnie placed a finger on his lips and softly shushed him.

“A li’l faster, hon?” requested Bunnie, with an irresistible smile. He happily obliged, pulling her hips more quickly into his thrusts. “Faster… and harder, too… please…” came her next request.

Sonic’s heart rate rose and his smile widened, indulging her desire as soon as he knew about it and thrusting hard enough that his balls slapped against her ass. She tilted her head back and let out a blissful sigh as he pounded into her.

“We’re both hurtin’, sugarhog… but that doesn’t mean we gotta hurt alone, y’hear?” Bunnie offered. From the way those big green eyes of his seemed to light right back up after that, she knew he heard her right.

“‘Feels so good…!” moaned Sonic, leaning down to kiss her neck, then feeling his heart flutter as she wrapped her arms warmly around his waist and hugged him. From there, she rolled them both over until she was on top. Not a second could pass before his hands were on her plump country girl ass, grabbing and fondling it as she sat up and started to ride him.

Her bangs bounced softly up and down, with her eyes seeming to glow in the dim lighting of the hut, and it was then that Sonic knew there was no way he could forget that night. The warm and beautiful image of Bunnie looking down at him would forever occupy a special place in the blue blur’s heart.

Speaking of special places, Sonic was getting closer to a very special place with each passing moment.

“Bunnie, I’m close…!” Sonic spoke, eyes shut as he all but lost himself in the moment, before beginning to offer, “d-do you need me to pull—”

“Oh don’t even think about it, sugarhog,” Bunnie grinned, bouncing faster and faster on his delicious cock, “just enjoy the ride until this cowgirl gets where she’s gotta go~!” she smiled with a wink.

That was all the encouragement Sonic needed, as he gripped her hips and began to ram his cock in harder and faster than ever. Bunnie gasped in delight as he went to town on her cunt, slamming it in deep with a fire hotter than a saddle that’s been out in the sun all day.

Unable to help herself for a moment longer, she fell back down on top of him and started covering every inch of his face with kisses. As she grinded her breasts against his loving chest, while he dug his fingers lustfully into her ass cheeks, they both did their part to make sure there wasn’t an inch of distance between their bodies for what was gonna come next.

When it came, neither one of them could’ve been fully prepared for how electrifying it felt. As Bunnie pulled away from his face just enough to lock eyes with her lover, Sonic could tell what she needed and picked up his pace.

“Bunnie…” Sonic whispered to her, planting a kiss on her neck hard enough to leave a hickey, “… th-thank you…!” he moaned tenderly into her ear, pouring all his gratitude for the love they were making into his thrusts.

“S-sugarhog…!” Bunnie squeaked, her cheeks burning bright red, before pulling him into one last impassioned kiss. If the love they were making was a fire, those two simple words made it blaze completely out of control.

Doing her damnedest not to make too much noise, using Sonic’s lips to muffle what might have been a scream without them, Bunnie came all over his cock. Hearing her frantic moans was already pushing him close to the edge, but to feel her love come gushing out sent the hedgehog soaring into his own climax - emptying his balls deep inside Bunnie’s sweet country cunt.

Their bodies slowed to a stop, their impassioned moans replaced with simple breathing as they at last reached the end of their roll in the hay. They could both feel their chests pounding against one another, but they would return to their usual beats before too long…

“Ohh sugarhog…” sighed Bunnie, her body beginning to relax on top of him as her heart began to settle down, “Please tell me I ain’t dreamin’…”

“I don’t think so,” Sonic chuckled, before planting a kiss on Bunnie’s cheek and locking eyes with her as he offered, “‘you mind if I stick around and see if we wake up here tomorrow morning?”

“Not at all, darlin’…” she smiled, closing her eyes peacefully in Sonic’s embrace. It didn’t seem all that farfetched to think they would wake up and find it was all some cruelly-beautiful dream, at that hour, but each time they felt the other’s heart beat against them was a gentle and loving reminder of what lay beyond dreams.

There was no getting around it, as they lay in bed together, the tears that were shed along the way would still need time to dry… but having each other to get through it made the thought of waking up in the morning feel worth it.

The End

Author’s Notes: Before anyone gets any ideas, the note about Evil Sonic and how far they went is not a passive-aggressive retcon. The writer of the story stated that Evil Sonic and Bunnie didn’t have sex, the line people interpreted to mean that they did was a reference to an Everly Brothers song, so please enjoy the porn and don’t leave any comments litigating the moral fiber of a former freelancer.

Also, when it comes to how Antoine would feel about this whenever he returns, let’s just say he’d be glad his partner was loved by someone he could trust rather than the imposter who stole his identity.

Thanks for reading. :)

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