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Sharing the Shower

Summary: What appeared to be just another night for Sonic and Tails evolved into a once in a lifetime experience for the two that they will not soon forget.

Contains: Teasing, Lovey-dovey feelings, and a Bite!

As the sun set in the distance, Sonic spent his evening the same way he’d spend most evenings - thinking about cool things he used to do.

The way he fearlessly faced off against the terrible Perfect Chaos unflinchingly, how he defeated darkness incarnate in his battle against Dark Gaia, when he saved time itself when he and his younger self put a stop to the Time Eater without so much as blinking at the scale of the task—there was no denying it, he simply had to be the bravest, courageous, daring hedgehogs the universe had ever known.

“Hey so can I shower with you, tonight?” Tails asked, innocently.

Sonic blinked. The words “Say huh?” fell clumsily from his baffled mouth, before the sapphire fast-goer at last responded to the double-tailed dreamboat, “Uh… I mean… yeah, sure.” His temple heated up and his cheeks flushed as the implications of what he had just agreed to began to dawn on him. Still, he gulped, he never backed down from anything before and he wasn’t about to start now. “Ready when you a—” Sonic started to say, before he discovered Tails had already gotten a towel ready and was one foot into the bathroom, “… alright, let’s go,” he shrugged, exhaling nervously before slipping out of his shoes and gloves and stepping into the shower.

In the shower, the walls around him were sort of transparent, but distorted what was on the other side of them to where he couldn’t clearly watch Tails strip out of its own clothes - that is, unless he peaked outside the way into the shower, but that would look ridiculous. He then peaked through the way into the shower and caught Tails just finishing as it slipped out of its socks, its dazzling blue eyes meeting his and rolling. It was a knowing eye-roll, thankfully enough, as his inability to help himself at the sight of the fox undressing only served to endear him to it rather than irritate it. “I’m, uh,” Sonic stammered, “this doesn’t have to get weird or anything, we’re just showering… a-and besides, er,” he reached for an excuse, “it’d probably save us some water if we just do it at once instead of taking two separate showers, right?”

Once again, the fox rolled its eyes, before telling the blush-hog, “You don’t need an excuse, dork,” and then stepping into the shower with him. It was wordlessly decided that Tails would be the one to set the temperature water, while Sonic leaned against the other side of the shower - the fluffy tails of the fox brushing up against the hedgehog in a way that, in the mind of the hedgehog, could not have been accidental—tickling his groin amply and making every bone in Sonic’s body tense.

When the water started, the head of the shower happened to be pointed right at Sonic, causing some liquid to sneak into his eye, which then elicited the hedgehog to shut his eyes tightly. It then appeared to be moved lower, and his hands were taken by Tails, who had since turned around and caught a look at the adorably water-shy hedgehog. “Hey, open your eyes,” it smiled. When he did, he saw his shower-mate - the three prominent hairs on its head now cutely flopped down over its face. Gently, he stroked the hairs aside and momentarily realized how close they had gotten. He was heating up as he unintentionally took in the scent of the fox while—unbeknownst to him—it took in his own. “Hi, hehe,” it said to the once-talkative hedgehog.

“Uh, hehe, h-hi, hehehe…” Sonic chuckled, very much unlike their mutual echidna friend Knuckles. “It’s uh… it’s my first time showering with someone else… do we wash each other or…” his voice trailed off as his hand seemed to find its way to the back of his blonde fox friend’s ears on its own accord, rubbing it gently and then caressing the back of the fox’s head. “Ooh, hah, this is… n-nice,” Sonic half-smiled as the smooth wet fur of the fox made his heart… ‘flutter,’ actually.

Its smile widening, Tails nuzzled the hedgehog and rubbed his sides up and down soothingly. The sight of his best friend naked in front of him, as he was naked himself, was working ‘hard’ to keep him tense, but the Prower worked harder. The shower filled with the musky scents of the two - Tails’s own scent—inherent to it being a fox—amplified to a near intoxicating degree to the hedgehog, while the aroma his anxious sweating was making had gotten too difficult not to notice. The two aromas mixed together into a sort of aura that surrounded the two and, for a moment, that was the world. It was Sonic, Tails, the smell of them, the walls of the shower, the feeling of the warm water hitting them and pitter-pattering down their bodies to the floor of the shower.

There was magic in that shower, that night. A glow that could not be created in any movie studio enveloped them, forever imprinting the memory of the sight of the other wet and naked respectively in the two’s minds. His hand trembling, Sonic recalled they were meant to wash that night, reaching for one of two bars of soap that was in the shower. He didn’t notice it was the one he had used for his own body, initially, but the memory arrived shortly after he began to rub the fox’s tummy with it. Tails seemed to notice as well, as Sonic looked up and found those big blue eyes giving him a look that seemed to encourage him to continue. Tails itself reached for its own bar of soap and went straight to the hedgie’s bum with it, lathering it up and making sure it would be nice and clean, earning the stiffness it desired from its blue bestie.

“You are so predictable, Sonic,” Tails teased, moving the bar up his blue-quilled back and moving it along the curves, “you act all cool and confident on the outside, but now that I’ve gotten to know you you’re really just a dork who doesn’t know what to do with the kinds of feelings I can tell I’m waking up inside you.” The once-blue hedgehog was now red all over, glancing down and noticing his member getting comfortable while pressed against the fox’s groin—which caused his breath to catch in his own throat for a moment. “I love you anyway, though,” Tails giggled, before leaving a passionate smooch on its companion’s unsuspecting neck.

As they went on, it was getting harder and harder to focus on the shower—much less for Sonic to control himself. When Sonic nearly went in to kiss Tails in the lips, a bit of soap fell in his mouth and he promptly spat it to the drain below them within the half-second it got in. “Pa-tooey!… Bluh…” Sonic groaned before running his hand over the fox’s forehead and letting the soap wash down, using the other to stroke Tails’s soft furry legs. In spite of his immaturity when it came to ‘pleasuring,’ Sonic was beginning to make Tails wild, causing it to sing out in ecstasy, the chorus of meaningful nonsense to what had become a session of love-making for the two. Their furs relaxed, their arms found their way to one another’s shoulders as they wrapped around and slid down with their hands discovering their hips.

Not another minute seemed to pass while they were in that shower. After years of waiting on time to pass, it was at last time’s turn to wait for the two. Their moment was the most important thing in the world. They were the very center of the universe. Everyone else could just wait until they were finished, and, as far as they were concerned, finishing could wait.

Sonic moaned, “Gosh, Tails, I don’t know what we’re doing but I love this.” His voice trembled.

“We’re showering,” Tails replied, matter-of-factly. Sonic knew Tails was a smart cookie, so he trusted him, but he had taken his fair share of showers before and none were anywhere near as unforgettable or magical like this one. He couldn’t complain - after all, this was perhaps the most perfect moment of all his life. Topping a lifetime of adventure, a series of successes, being the biggest star on the face of whatever the planet they were on was called at this point in the canon. He’d been around, he’d seen a lot, but when he was with Tails—with it like this—life didn’t get any better than that.

Gasping, Sonic’s lungs were filled with love and it was overwhelming. He didn’t have the words for it, so he had to settle with what his simple mind could come up with. “Tails… thank you, thank you… thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you tha—” only cutting himself off to kiss his lover. Its love was his oxygen, their embrace tightening was giving life back to him he hadn’t yet realized he had been missing until then. When he needed ‘actual’ oxygen, Sonic enjoyed it was the same as what Tails was taking in. Everything was them, nothing else was anything.

“A-ahm… I think we’re washed enough, Sonic,” giggled the twin-tail whom Sonic had gotten tangled-up with, pushing the hedgehog off of it for the time-being.

He had heard ‘worse’ news, technically, but to Sonic that moment he might as well have been told of a tragedy that was breeding grief across nations. “A-are you sure? I don’t… I mean, yeah probably, but… I d-don’t wanna have to stop, haha…” he chuckled nervously, as he often did when the good times appeared to be ending like they always seemed to have to.

Caringly, Tails looked upon the hedgehog’s low-hanging head and tilted it back up with a thoughtful index finger and booped the speedster in the nosie. “We can do this outside the shower, y’know,” it assured Sonic, eliciting a warm smile from the hedgehog. “Oh,” a mischievous smile grew on the fox’s face, “you missed a spot here, behind your ear,” said the clever fox, stroking behind the hedgehog’s ear and getting his guard down before getting on its tippy-toes to bite at his pointy little ear.

“Yipe!” Sonic yelped, adorably, blushing hard at the fox’s playful use of its teeth. “You’re really something else, Tails… I-I uh… love you, haha…” Sonic said, being unable to finish the sentence without covering it with a layer of irony. Tails released his ear and folded its arms expectantly. “Awh, hey… okay, lemme try again,” responded the blue bumbler, before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, then saying, “… y’know the water’s gotten pretty cold since we’ve been in here long?” It was perhaps the first time in years he had made the fox burst into laughter like he used to, though he could hear in its voice that it knew he hadn’t earned the laughter at all. “Okay, okay, for real,” Sonic laughed, before bracing himself once more, then opening his eyes and giving Tails the most loving look he could muster, saying, “I love you, Tails… you’re really cool.”

Gazing once more at the fox, it seemed satisfied with his effort. He then leaned into it and playfully pressed it against the wall, giving it one last look before reaching behind it at the knob that controlled the shower, slowly shutting the chilly water off and leaving them in a very fun position in the process. They stayed like that for a moment or two, savoring the last fleeting moments of their time together. Finally, Tails leaned in for one last kiss.

They would kiss more, that same night in fact, but it was a magical time that they had just had and… they really wanted to make that last kiss count.

Originally-published on June 29, 2017

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