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Original Fiction

Healthy Boundaries - a Sabrina Miley story, Published 7/14/2023, Rated 18+ for Explicit Sexual Content

Starring: ‘Sabrina Miley’/Felicia Kennedy the Hedgehog

Summary: It’s another day in the dual life of Felicia Kennedy, AKA Sabrina Miley. During the day, she helps a young girl respect her own boundaries. At night, she enforces hers.

Contains: Discussion of Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Sexual Content, and an Insufferable Amount of Discussion of Aaron’s Ex-Wife Mandy

Small-Town Spider - Published 8/24/2022, Rated 18+ for Graphic Violence

Starring: ‘Lonesome’ the Spider

Summary: One night in an old barn, a hootenanny goes down that tears the heart of a small town clean out. Things get said that can never be taken back, lives are changed irreversibly, and one life is outright lost. It was a night like so many others - and for one small-town spider, it was one night too many.

Contains: Non-Binary character, Misgendering, Near-Deadnaming, and Country music.