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Sonic Fan-Fiction

Warmer Memories, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction by Felicia Rondo & Edited by Cluster - Published 4/3/2024, Rated 18+ for Mature Themes

Starring: Shadow the Hedgehog & Sonic the Hedgehog

Summary: On a mission from G.U.N., Shadow is doing his best to bury the painful memories that were rising to the surface on what had become a wretched day for his mental health. Lucky for him, Sonic’s here to lighten things up!

Contains: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Reference to the Final Death Egg Emperor Robot Machine, Violence Against Masochistic Hedgehogs, and Biblical Tests of Patience.

A Delicate Situation, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction by Felicia Rondo & Cluster - Published 1/25/2024, Rated 18+ for Sexually-Explicit Content

Starring: Sonic the Hedgehog & Bunnie Rabbot

Summary: After the events of Archie Sonic issue #151, Sonic is in the awkward position of having to explain to Bunnie that he wasn’t the one she kissed that night - but do they have to keep it that way, or is there another way this could end?

Contains: Hurt/Comfort, Porn with Feelings, Porn with Plot, Explicit Sexual Content, and Friends to Lovers.

In Your Eyes, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 7/20/2018, Updated 10/5/2023 - Chapters: 5/12

Starring: Rouge the Bat & Sonic the Hedgehog

Summary: When Sonic comes to Rouge asking about Shadow’s whereabouts, she decides to play a little game - how long can she make Sonic spend time with her before he hates her? To the shock of her and no one else, there’s a lot to like—even love—about her. However, there’s something hidden behind those shining emerald eyes of Sonic’s, and she’s just the treasure hunter to find it.

Contains: Polyamory, Metamours to Lovers, Rouge’s Weapons-Grade Trust Issues, Thievery, and Bisexual Tension.

Revealing, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 8/20/2023, Updated 9/20/2023, Rated 18+ for Explicit Sexual Content - Chapters: 2/2

Starring: Tangle the Lemur & Whisper the Wolf

Summary: We rejoin Whisper as she tries to figure out what to wear for her date with Tangle, which is only made more difficult when her anxieties threaten to make going out at all seem impossible. Meanwhile, Tangle waits for her love at the movie theater and chats with Amy about her relationship with Whisper!

Commission for qqHoneydew, follow-up to Living on the Sidelines.

Contains: Anxiety, Recovery, Girl Talk, Tangle’s Poofy Fluff, Tangle’s Messy Home, Explicit Sexual Content, Pampering, Nipple Play, Fingering

Living on the Sidelines, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 6/28/2023, Rated 18+ for Sexual Themes

Starring: Whisper the Wolf & Rouge the Bat

Summary: Whisper’s always had to rely on Tangle to take initiative in their relationship, as it was just too difficult for her to ever take the lead herself. But when it becomes clear she needs to learn how to express herself and her desires, luckily for her, Rouge is here to come rescue her from all her troubles~

Commission for qqHoneydew.

Contains: Girl Talk, Dating Advice, Sexual Themes, Trauma & Ongoing Recovery, and Rouge’s Very Good Plan to Seduce Jewel that She Definitely Isn't Invested In.

Better Without You, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 4/2/2021, Updated 6/5/2023 - Chapters: 4/4

Starring: Mina Mongoose

Summary: Popstars can seem indestructible up on stage, on the very top of the world they’re rocking with their moves and melodies, but the truth can sometimes hurt more than even the saddest song. In this story, Mina faces that painful truth when it becomes clear that she and Ash are past their third verse without an encore.

Breakups may be tough, but our songoose is tougher.

Contains: An Abusive Relationship, Music Metaphors, a Messy Breakup, Hurt/Comfort, Awkward Exes, Fiona Fox being messy and loving it, and Cookie Crunch - part of a nutritious breakfast.

Living in Herself, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 12/20/2022

Starring: Nicole the Holo-Lynx & Sally Acorn, and guest-starring Tangle the Lemur!

Summary: It can be so lonely, trying to be a person and a city at the same time. Pair that with falling in love with your best friend, before you're even sure how you're able to love anything, and you get where we find Nicole one night in New Mobotropolis.

Birthday gift for a very important friend.

Contains: Angst, Friends to Lovers, Tangle’s Whimsical Antics, Amy’s Crush on Sticks, and a Very Lesbian Computer.

The Most Important Gift, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 12/24/2021

Starring: Sonic & Tails

Summary: It’s Christmas Eve and Sonic’s gotten everything but the most important gift of all - a gift for his little brother Tails! What he learns this holiday season is that sometimes the best gifts can’t be wrapped and hidden under a tree, but that doesn’t make them any less worth giving to the ones you love most. Happy holidays!

Contains: Snow, Chocolates, Mittens, and Holiday cheer.

The Way it Went, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 3/10/2021

Starring: Snively Robotnik & Uncle Chuck

Summary: How does someone end up working for their evil uncle bent on world domination? One nephew tries to explain how and why.

Contains: Angst, Past Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Enemies to Friends, and Snively Redemption!

What A Fucking Bitch, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction by Felicia Rondo & WynneCluster - Published 1/19/2021, Rated 18+ for Sexual-Suggestiveness

Starring: Julie-Su & Rouge the Bat

Summary: Rouge suggests that Julie-Su spice up her sex life and proceeds to go entirely too far in flustering the grown woman. It’s all in good fun, though, right…? :3c

Alternate Title for the Story: What happens when my fiancée starts a word document with “‘I love cocks!’ Julie-Su declared” and doesn’t delete it in time. xP

Contains: Suggested Pre-Negotiated Extramarital Sex, Talking About Cocks ‘n’ Whatnot, and an Unexplained Thing They’re Going To Be Late For.