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Sonic Fan-Fiction

My King, My Gal, My Sal, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 11/3/2020, Rated 18+ for Explicit Sexual Content

Starring: Sally Acorn & Sonic the Hedgehog

Summary: Three snapshots of a night and a day, taking a small peek at what Sally and Sonic’s lives look like now that Robotnik has been defeated. Life isn’t perfect, there will no doubt be adversity waiting just around the corner for our Freedom Fighters, but life isn’t all about fighting. While we commit to protecting our hard-fought freedoms, we also must commit ourselves to one another and the connections we form together.

Sally and Sonic know what lies ahead of them, but they don't let it consume them - instead, they embrace their bond with one another knowing that, no matter what dares to threaten them and the ones they love, Sonic will love Sally and Sally will love Sonic.

Contains: Dom/sub relationship, Sonally, Porn with Feelings, Explicit Sexual Content, Rough Oral Sex, Sally Acorn having a cock while Sonic Hedgehog has a cunt, and Sonic’s Shameful Country Music CD Collection.

Phoenix, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction by Felicia Rondo & WynneCluster - Published 5/18/2020 - Chapters: 1/?

Starring: Sage the Hedgehog

Summary: Several weeks have passed since the defeat of Eggman and the destruction of the Phantom Ruby, and everything has gone back to normal… Or has it?

With the appearance of a mysterious hedgehog, strange behaviors from old Eggman bases, and yet more mysteries abounding it seems that the war has left behind more than just scars on the land…

Is It Just Me?, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 6/2/2018

Starring: Sonic the Hedgehog & Rouge the Bat

Summary: It had been months since the events of Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic had found himself unable to move on like his other friends had. After one restless night too many, Sonic bolted out of his home after midnight, in search of nothing… He was not prepared for what he would find, the following evening…

Contains: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Depression, a godawful soap opera, and the absence of respect for the President of the United States.

MELT, a Sonic the Hedgehog Fan-Fiction - Published 4/19/2018

Starring: Sonic the Hedgehog

Summary: Set during the events of Sonic Unleashed, one overnight search for a Sun Medal in Holoska leads to Sonic’s world adventure nearly meeting an ice-cold end! But what awaits Sonic back in town is what truly causes the hope in his heart to melt away…

Contains: A Near-Death Experience, Heroic Chocolate Chip Bag-Opening, and brand new Amy dialogue!