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A Legacy of Glass

Rondo of Blog - Published: July 1, 2024

I don’t talk about this terribly often, it’s not something I look back on fondly, but there was a time when I fell in line with other Sonic fans and posted negatively about Ken Penders’s work. These posts were deleted after I learned better and came to my own conclusions instead of letting misinformed fanboys decide what I’d think for me, but I bring them up to illustrate a point.

Each time I’d criticize Ken’s writing, I’d maybe get a few likes and that would be it. At no point, in the months I ragged on his stories in 2020 did I ever have someone replying to me in a desperate attempt to defend them. Some would argue that’s because “no one likes his stories,” a verifiably untrue statement.

But then also, sometimes, I would criticize Karl Bollers’s writing. To this day I don’t think too highly of Mike Gallagher’s, and I’ve posted criticisms of Evan Stanley’s stories on occasion as well. I’ve never been hassled by any fans of theirs.

Which brings me to the question I’m writing this blog post for - Ian Flynn fans: Why are you so scared of my criticism? Read!

Whose Story Is It?

Rondo of Blog - Published: June 27, 2024

As of writing, The Lara-Su Chronicles: Beginnings is officially out in the world. Author Ken Penders is doing his best to keep up with the surge in demand, as people seem to finally have come to the realization that it’s true - he did it. Over a decade after it was first announced in December of 2011, The Lara-Su Chronicles is real. Ken Penders is continuing the story he started in Archie Sonic, and neither Archie nor SEGA can do anything to stop him.

What’s come as a shock to a number of Sonic fans is that not only can Ken publish his continuation featuring his characters that first debuted in the pages of Archie Sonic, but he can also reprint and sell his Archie Sonic stories as they were originally printed. Those who viewed the copyrights Ken registered for the Mobius: 25 Years Later story in the U.S. Copyright Office’s public catalog could’ve told them that and, well, I know I tried to.

So, Ken owns his stories, they legally belong to him. Is that it, end of discussion? Not quite. Read!

On the Beginnings of The Lara-Su Chronicles

Rondo of Blog - Published: March 20, 2024

Today is, as of writing, the last day you can pre-order The Lara-Su Chronicles: Beginnings if you want to make it into the Special Thanks section of the book. Anyone who pre-orders after will be in the app, still, but I think it goes without saying the significance of having your name make it into the first printing. You can pre-order here.

Whether you go and pre-order it now or later, or if you’re looking back at this after the book’s come out, I think it’s gonna be worth the read. Today, I feel moved to write a little about what The Lara-Su Chronicles means to me. Read!

I Finally Watched Venom

Rondo of Blog - Published: October 18, 2023

Like a lot of people, I was alive when a surprising number of people actually ended up enjoying Venom (2018 film) - a film I’d technically followed for years, as one of my earliest memories of looking up the latest in comic book movie news was reading about Sony stringing along poor old Topher Grace with the promise of a big movie all for him.

I was surprised to see people reading it as a gay rom-com, I read their reasoning and found it sound enough, and even reblogged many such interpretations of the film! But I never actually got around to watching it until a couple weeks ago.

Sorry to report, I thought it was terrible! (Spoilers onward from this point.) Read!

Not Great, But OK

Rondo of Blog - Published: August 22, 2023

I like to think I’m a pretty good person. I do my best, I try and help people when I can, and I think I do a pretty good job at those things. Sometimes I’ll get thanked or complimented for what I do, and that’s all well and good.

It just kinda grates on me when I get talked up like I’m this overwhelmingly special and wonderful person because it keeps preceding me being treated in uniquely horrible ways.

CW/TW: Vague Reference to Abuse Read!

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!!!

Rondo of Blog - Published: July 5, 2023
Felicia Rondo logo, consisting of a shiny interconnecting golden ‘F’ and ‘R,’ against a blue background.

Yes, the day has finally come - I finally finished my to-do list for feliciarondo.com. No more backlog, no more nagging unfinished nonsense I need to spend tons of time working on during the week, no nothing! The site’s officially gone gold! Read!

Holy Seven Subscriptions, Batman!

Rondo of Blog - Published: June 9, 2023

So I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately. Like, a lot of comics. I’ve been going out on a limb, and honestly? It’s paid off! Yes, I’ve gotten to read solid comic book storytelling recently - and lots of it. And what do I have to show for it?

Seven different subscriptions to DC comics series, and one to a Marvel comic series. :’)

[Spoilers for various comics! If you see the title of a book you don’t wanna get spoiled on, leave!] Read!

It's My Blog, I Can Do A Post About A Country Song If I Want To

Rondo of Blog - Published: January 30, 2023

I’m a big fan of Glen Campbell. I only discovered his work last year, but a lot of it hits a particular moody spot that all my favorite country music does. His performance in his Bloodline album has brought me to tears and helped me through so many tough times.

Tonight I wanna share some thoughts I had about his version of It’s A Sin When You Love Somebody from his 1974 album Reunion: The Songs Of Jimmy Webb. Read!

Change Alone is Neutral

Rondo of Blog - Published: January 26, 2023

Today I watched Street Fighter: The Movie. The live-action one, where Ming-Na Wen is Chun-Li and Guile is French. Read!

Sabretooth Is Not An Animal (But He Needs To Be)

Rondo of Blog - Published: January 23, 2023
Victor staring menacingly down at an old ally of his, standing right outside of a doorway.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009, Gavin Hood) since my beloved Cluster and I rewatched it a number of times recently. Wanted to write down some thoughts I’ve been having about it.

Particularly about Victor.

[Spoilers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine] Read!