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Healthy Boundaries

Written by Felicia Rondo, Rated 18+

Summary: It’s another day in the dual life of Felicia Kennedy, AKA Sabrina Miley. During the day, she helps a young girl respect her own boundaries. At night, she enforces hers.

Contains: Discussion of Abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Explicit Sexual Content, and an Insufferable Amount of Discussion of Aaron’s Ex-Wife Mandy

‘Sabrina Miley’/Felicia Kennedy the Hedgehog © Felicia Rondo

“Mm?” Felicia hummed, looking up from her clipboard to see Alice still sitting awkwardly on the couch in front of her. A silence had grown in the room for the past ten minutes, and her hum didn’t seem like it quite made a dent in it.

Alice was clamming up, as she tended to when difficult topics came up, and that was going to get in the way of any help Felicia hoped to offer to the young girl.

Because that’s what Felicia Kennedy, Youth Counselor at Windrich High School, did for a living. If there was a young person in need, she had the answers for them as long as they kept asking. She could’ve gotten a higher-paying job, but this was what she decided she wanted to do with her life.

“If I may recap,” the youth counselor started, eliciting a nod from the teen, “you were on a phone—er, ‘Discord’ call with your girlfriend, things were going fine, but then she said…?” Felicia’s voice trailed off, on the off-chance that Alice might continue the thought she had halted ten minutes ago. No such luck.

“Did she… say something that made you feel uncomfortable?” she asked, awaiting any sort of feedback from the young raccoon.

Slowly, Alice gave a nod in reply.

“Can you tell me what she said, Alice?” requested Felicia, gently, “If you let me know, we can try and figure this out together.” With each youth she worked with, she always did her best to impress upon them that she was on their side, and that she wanted to work with them - not on them, like their parents would. She wasn’t Alice’s mom, in this room, she was her friend. With that, any progress would have to be made together… if Alice would just take that next step.

“She… she brought something up from a while ago, but…” the young girl sighed, her lips twisting into a frown, “… I’m afraid… if I tell you, you’ll be upset at her…” admitted Alice.

Felicia had a feeling it was a situation like that. It wasn’t her first time walking a youngster through the issues of being in an abusive relationship but, even though she’d heard similar before, it was imperative that she not treat it like ‘just another.’ It was Alice’s first, Alice would still have to deal with it after she left the room, so the youth counselor needed to go through every step of this process just like if it was the first time for her as well.

“You don’t need to worry about me being upset at Casey, Alice, we’re not here for Casey,” Felicia stated, “but, if it makes you feel any better, there are lots of reasons that lead people to saying all sorts of things to their partners - everyone has their own side, it’s your side that matters right now.

“While whatever she says is hurting you, and you’re in this room, my job is to help you process it and move forward from it,” she concluded, watching Alice’s eyes as the words sank in for the teen, “and trust me,” the burgundy hedgehog added, “I’m not going to go home feeling angry at Casey. We’re all people trying to make sense of the world, even if we make mistakes and hurt others, I just wanna make sure you’re going to be okay.”

“O-okay…” Alice sighed, before taking in a deep breath and explaining, “We um… she brought up ERP… Do you um… know what that…?” Felicia nodded to Alice’s question without making her have to finish asking it, urging her to continue, “Yeah… it came up early on when we started dating, and I… I wasn’t comfortable with it… I’m still not really comfortable with it… and she was… upset about that…”

So maybe it was going to be a little hard not to go home feeling angry at Casey, then.

With a rhythm that could almost hypnotize the man above her, ‘Sabrina’ bobbed her head up and down the length of her client’s cock. She maintained steady eye-contact with him, as he liked, and gave his balls a soft squeeze as she blew him. If he was moaning, after all, at least she wasn’t hearing about…

“Y’know… I just don’t know why Mandy was in such a hurry, through the whole divorce,” her client started to say, “do you think she was maybe seeing another guy on the side, and trying to end the marriage before I found out?”

Here we go again, Sabrina thought…

“Aaron,” she replied, pulling his incredibly-average dick out of her mouth, “I don’t know about your ex-wife, but I do know that I’ve already told you I’m not giving you therapy,” she reminded him.

“I know…” Aaron responded, dejectedly, sitting quietly for long enough that Sabrina put his cock back in her mouth and went back to sucking it, “… it’s just… I would’ve stayed, even if she was cheating, y’know?” he mentioned anyway.

Aaron,” Sabrina said, sternly, “I’m not offering that kind of service, I’m not going to sit here and listen to you talk about your divorce. I can suck your cock, I’ll ride it with protection, heck - you can even moan your ex-wife’s name while I do it if you want, but I can’t give you therapy. It’s just not happening.”

Because that was not what Sabrina Miley, pseudonym of Youth Counselor Felicia Kennedy, did for her side-gig. She didn’t charge a whole lot for her services, only enough to make sure her and her girlfriend never needed to worry about bills while also leaving room in the budget for a treat or two every now and then. It certainly wasn’t enough pay to compensate for a combination blowjob-venting session at a dirty motel, least of all from Aaron.

Once again, there was a pause. She wouldn’t be putting his cock back in her mouth until he behaved himself, and she was more than happy to let it sit there in the cold air and ache for her warmth in the meantime.

“I know…” he simply said, again. When she still didn’t put it back in after a moment or two, he added, “I won’t bring it up again…”

As satisfied with that as she was ever going to be, Sabrina went back to work and hoped he’d reach his climax soon. There were other clients she had, not to mention her other job, but it really would’ve been more convenient for her if Aaron simply quit being insufferable.

“She was… saying that, um… she’s been waiting for a long time for me to finally be comfortable with it, but… every time she brings it up, it just makes me more uncomfortable,” Alice explained, “I don’t want to lose her, but she said if I don’t… i-if I don’t… Sh-she’ll…” tears began to well up in her eyes, blurring her vision. Still, she could recognize the form of the tissue box Felicia offered to her, which she readily accepted.

“Have you told her that pressuring you only makes you more uncomfortable?” Felicia inquired.

“I-I did… It really annoyed her…” Alice answered.

Felicia’s brow furrowed sympathetically.

“Would you like to tell me how that made you feel, Alice?” she asked, a question that seemed to worry Alice like before, “There’s no wrong answers,” Felicia assured her, “you’re in a judgment-free space.”

“It… made me feel bad… like I’m not being a good girlfriend to her,” replied Alice, “I get nervous whenever I even start thinking of doing anything like that, but… I know she’s been waiting for a long while now, and I still haven’t felt comfortable…

“Do you think…” Alice started to ask, “do you think she’s right? I know other girls who do it and they’re happy with their girlfriends, and… finally having a girlfriend is something I didn’t think was ever going to happen for me, so… I guess I just need to hear it, maybe, before I’ll be able to let this go…”

Patience was called for many times in Felicia’s life. If she started ranting about what a piece of work Casey sounded like, she stood no chance of helping Alice regardless of whether or not Casey did sound like a piece of work. She definitely did, that was evident in everything she’d learned of Casey from Alice no matter how good she tried to make her look, but the fact remained. Alice didn’t need righteous indignation, she needed patience.

“I think…” Felicia said, “Casey is frustrated right now, and that’s making her overlook what you’re going through,” peppering in a bit of humor, she added with a smile, “if I was that kind of doctor, I think I’d diagnose her with adolescence - a common condition for your age group, and not a fatal one either.”

Alice giggled softly, but still seemed uncertain of how to feel. Felicia continued,

“This is your first relationship, so it’s not unusual for there to be some static as you figure out the rules and how to make it work for both parties,” she explained, “however, one of the most important things with boundaries in any relationship is that, once they’re established, they be respected and honored. If Casey can’t respect your boundary, I don’t think she’s ready to be a good partner to you.”

She knew that wasn’t what the girl wanted to hear, but she was here to help Alice. Sometimes teens want things that aren’t good for them, and it’s the job of any responsible adult to make sure they at least have a chance not to get hurt if they don’t have to. She couldn’t make Alice dump Casey, and there was no reason Casey couldn’t simply become the partner Alice needed, that just wasn’t her decision. Whatever decision got made, it had to be Alice’s.

“But…” Alice started, “I never had a girlfriend before Casey… no one ever loved me that way before I met her…”

“You’re only 16, Alice - I met my current partner when I was 22, and there were plenty of others before her,” Felicia told her, “I know it’s hard to grasp because you’ve only lived up to this point, but 16’s not old at all! You’re practically at the beginning of your life so, as much as you can, remember that what’s right in front of you isn’t always going to be there.

“Your first girlfriend is always going to be a part of your story, and you have a right to give her the chance to be part of whatever the next chapter ends up being, but…” Felicia paused, very conscious of how close she was to telling the girl how to live her own life, “… not wanting to ERP is a very ordinary, easy-to-follow boundary. You don’t have to be all that lucky to find a girl who’s able to cope with it.”

“R-really…?” questioned Alice, “But Casey said everyone does ERP, and I’m being problematic if I don’t want to…”

“Well,” Felicia started, pausing once more as she contained her rage, “I wouldn’t call it problematic, per se, as you’re not exactly judging Casey or anyone else for wanting or engaging in ERP, or trying to tell anyone how their relationships should go. Fact is, pressuring someone into ERP is problematic, but there’s no reason Casey can’t recognize that and adjust her behavior accordingly.”

Alice looked as though a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. This probably wasn’t the session she thought she was walking into, but it seemed like it was the one she needed in the first place. Still, curiously, an apologetic look came over her.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” Alice said, earning a perplexed look from Felicia, “i-it feels like this is all really simple, but it’s still taking a while for it to sink in for me,” she sighed.

“Alice, it’s okay,” Felicia replied, very seriously, “we’re on your schedule, in these sessions, you never have to feel bad for needing time to work through these emotions.”

“O-okay…” Alice sniffled, getting a little choked up, “you’re really nice, Ms. Kennedy…”

“I try my best,” Felicia smiled, before glancing over at the digital clock on her desk, “okay, Alice, that’s our time for today. Unless there’s anything else you wanna go over, I’ll see you next time and hope you have a great rest of your day!”

“I’m good, Ms. Kennedy, thank you!” she replied, feeling light as a feather as she stood up, “see you next week!”

As the girl walked out of the office, Felicia couldn’t help but smile. It felt good to end an afternoon on a helpful counseling session, and it felt like this session really did help Alice out. Whatever else the day had in store for her, at least it had that going for it.

“35, 40, 45… 50,” Aaron finished, having painstakingly counted the $50 Sabrina charged for her services, before handing it to the very tired burgundy hedgehog in front of him.

“Okay Aaron, ‘til next time,” Sabrina said, putting the cash in her purse and giving him a very thin smile. She turned to leave, hoping that she’d be leaving behind the last bit of shenanigans she would ever put up with from Aaron.

“Uh, speaking of next time!” Aaron called, causing her to spin on her heel and face him with her arms crossed, “I-I uh… y’know, I had an idea for maybe a roleplay I’d wanna do, ‘cause… I don’t want it to go like this time, n-next time.”

“… Sure,” sighed Sabrina, heavily, “what’d you have in mind? I’ve got french maid, playboy bunny, and a couple superheroine suits for costumes, to name a few,” she offered, awaiting whatever exciting fantasy she would be helping him live out and hoping he wasn’t going to go where she thought he was gonna go.

“Could you maybe… maybe act like Mandy next time?” he requested, “I could read you some of our old texts to help—”

Annnnd I’m blocking your number,” declared Sabrina, turning back around and swiftly making her way to the door, “bye Aaron,” she departed, unceremoniously, leaving him to wallow uselessly in his misery until he found another sorry sally to dump his issues on.

“What was the look on his face when you said that?” Cherry asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t look back at him after he brought up the old texts,” Felicia replied from the bathroom, her toothbrush still in her mouth, before lowering her face to the sink and rinsing the toothpaste out of her mouth.

“Heh, probably for the bessst,” Cherry giggled, hissing happily at the ending of her girlfriend’s latest work story. Her hedgehog partner’s glasses were off when she returned, with all the styling product washed out of her quills, leaving her love without any artifice covering her.

Felicia lied down beside her snake girlfriend, cupping her scaly cheek and sighing dreamily as she stared into the onyx eyes she fell in love with. It had been a long day of helping people, and now she could finally put it all behind her and relax.

“Can’t tell you how good it is to see you, babe,” Felicia said, “you’re my favorite person, y’know?”

“Aww~” Cherry smiled, stretching her torso to wrap around Felicia’s as she swung her arms over the hedgehog’s shoulders, planting a sweet kiss on her cheek, “You’re too sssweet,” she whispered in her ear, tickling it with her snakey tongue.

“Gggh! Cherry!” Felicia laughed, the tickling nearly but not quite distracting her from the divine feeling of her darling’s scaly skin against her. Working two jobs kept her away a while, so getting to come home to the woman of her dreams never could get old. Some days were more stressful than others, but the life they built for each other was worth it all.

No matter what, Felicia was in control of what she let into her life, both as herself and as Sabrina Miley - youth counselor by day, sex-worker by night. Her boundaries were to be respected and honored, and if anyone had a problem with that? They could tell someone else about it.

The End

Originally-published on July 14, 2023

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